Subcrate / Stone River


Subcrate / Stone River

Critical Music

Moving up and moving on is the ever on point Modulations imprint, part of the formidable Critical Music empire. This time Kasra hauls in a duo familiar to most, a duo who’ve been a staple part of the D&B world for the best part of the last decade; step forward Bristol’s D*Minds. ‘Sub Crate’ intros delicately with dark pads and a stripped back break that prep us for the badman steppa that’s about to take flight. Drop dread bass is it what it’s all about as D*Minds take us back in time to the early Full Cycle days with heavy kicks, reverse FX and a punching b-line that doesn’t give up. Dangerous without a doubt! Drawing yet again from their heavy west country influence ‘Stone River’ flows nervously through a windswept cityscape with syncopated breaks, slow-rise bass and percussion fills that keep things moving in an otherwise fairly minimal slice of D*Minds artillery. Great to hear Critical bringing out something a little different from these guys.

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