Delirium EP


Delirium EP

Delirium EP

The inherently precise forward movement of Swiss duo QZB continues apace as they deliver their most accomplished music yet. From the impressive cinematics and dancefloor blows of ‘Tech Priest’ and ‘Underneath’, QZB push that much further into the experimental tempo excursions of title track ‘Delirium’ until they fire back up into the future funk of ‘Spez’, collaborating with new name IHR.
Also included is the VIP of ‘Take It All’ ft. Charli Brix, the title track of their memorable EP from Critical last year.

1. QZB – Tech Priest
2. QZB – Underneath
3. QZB – Delirium
4. QZB & IHR – Spez
5. QZB – Take It All VIP (feat. Charli Brix)