Future Forever


Future Forever

Future Forever

Critical are proud to announce QZB’s debut album ‘Future Forever’

Future Forever’ sees QZB come full circle. The duo’s debut album lands after a three-year span of radical re-examination. During this extended writing time, they have delved head-first into their practice, questioning every step of the process. Drafting, testing, reimagining its components. Fine-tuning its minute details. Until the machine was built to fit the spec.

Needless to say, they had to get rid of a lot to get this whole thing worked over; from outboard circuitry to inner attitudes. There were sweat, tears, and splinters. The project chronicles these struggles precisely, wears its heart on its sleeve. It negotiates between the influenced and the genuine, the shoulds and woulds of its time, trading up any sense of destination for a grasp on the present. Both artists draw on their shared passion for cinematography and design to translate this experience, incorporating new modes of production throughout. With sonic fragments arranged in wide shot compositions, the QZB signature sound delivers. Emotion is revealed through cuts and purposeful push-ins. They exercise restraint when leaving their cast of collaborators to take center stage. They celebrate their brand of monochromatic maximalism everywhere else. And the drums, they hit hard.

Within 36 months of recording, patching, scratching, bouncing, and re-bouncing, QZB have distilled their vision down to 44 minutes of focused intent. This album is high-tech funk recounting the past, understanding the present, hallucinating the coming. Featuring contributions by Charli Brix, T-Man, Marea, MCXL.

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