From North London to Bristol, from the late-90s to now, from reggae to garage to D&B and back again – MC and vocalist Redders has had quite some journey.

Currently lauded as one of the most talented and innovative MCs in the UK underground, his work alongside genre-busting producer and DJ Sam Binga has thrust his astonishing talent and inimitable charm-heavy chatter straight into the limelight.

By the early 2000s, the young Londoner was hitting the infamous D&B raves of his home city at legendary clubs like Bagleys, Scala, Fabric and Brixton Academy, before a move to Bristol in 2005 solidified his transition from raver to performer. Working under the name Redskin alongside Bristol based producers such as Chasing Shadows, Mensah (NYTA) and Interface, both in the clubs and the studio, Redder’s enormous voice and even bigger stage presence quickly established him as one of the city’s best and brightest MCs.

2013 saw the beginning of his iconic collaboration with Sam Binga. Redders’ personality-packed, playful wordplay and schizophrenic stylistic range were perfect for the new fast/slow variant of drum & bass that Binga was beginning to perfect alongside other producers from D&B’s more progressive and experimental ranks.

Shortly afterwards in 2016, Redders became the first MC with a solo release on our label with ‘Systems 005: The Redders EP

Redders EP