Skrrrrr EP

Sam Binga & Particle

Skrrrrr EP

Skrrrrr EP

The collaboration no-one expected, but everyone needed, the ‘SKRRRR’ EP (with 5 Rs) sees Binga & Particle indulge their love of classic Dope Dragon rollers, weird acidy tweakers, anthemic vocal bangers… and loopy bassline techno???
Put it this way, how many EPs in this scene get love from both Flava D and Mella Dee… Skrrrrr!!!

‘Rude girl’ kick starts the Skkkkkr EP.

Headed up by the incredible OneDa, based in Manchester and consistently tearing up shows with The Mouse Outfit, ‘Rude Girl’ is an anthem perfectly suited for right now, taking Binga & Particle’s heavyweight roller and injecting it with the strongest dose of female empowerment around. Rude girl better step up! OUT NOW


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