Critical Music: Unexplored Sonics

Various Artists

Critical Music: Unexplored Sonics

Critical Music

We’ve partnered with Beatport as part of their Label Of The Month to bring you an exclusive compilation.

A collection of the best B sides EP and album tracks that may have missed your attention the first time around, a taste of the labels depth and diversity across the catalogue.

25 tracks for just £10

Track list:
Foreign Concept & Xtrah – Harsh Reality
Pessimist – Niche
Serum and Bladerunner – Images
Stray – Timbre
Spectrasoul – Taken
Riya and Sabre – Injustice
Dub Phizix – Handmade
Bungle – Human Poison
Break – Crunchy
Emperor – Radar
Enei & Chimpo – Headtop
Ruffhouse & Clarity – Aphasia
Phace – Freedom Of Filth
Ivy Lab – Gomeisa
Kasra & Enei – Words
Hyroglifics – Astraya
Sam Binga & Om Unit – Reclaim
Enei & Mefjus – Dead Space
Klax – The Sway
Enei – Ghost Boat
Particle – Silver Crown
QZB & IHR – Spez
Halogenix – Would You
Circuits – Chord Memory
Shyun & Cruk – Creatures

Unexplored Sonics - Playlist