Critical Music is proud to present Enei’s third artist album – Humans

“It’s been 10 years since my debut album so to me it total made sense to celebrate its anniversary by creating Humans.

I returned to the UK after the lockdown and decided now was the time. I just locked myself in the studio and did it!

This album is something that is really important in my life. I consider it to be a turning point in my career, my output has morphed over the years into something that really expresses who I am as a producer and DJ.

I’d like to thank those all involved with the album. Kasra, Badger and the rest of the team at Critical. The artists i’ve worked with, Jakes, T Man, Odddi and Sydney Bryce and a big shout out also goes to Uno who produced the amazing album artwork.

This is Humans”Enei

“Alex has been working with us for over 10 years now and in that time he has consistently made some of the best dance floor underground drum and bass in the scene. This collection of tunes is further proof of his quality. The full spectrum is covered here with deft skill and its an honour to be releasing the 3rd Enei album on Critical.” – Kasra

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