20 Years of Critical // Printworks


20 Years of Critical // Printworks

Critical Music

On the 19th of March 2022, over 6000 attendees filled the Press Hall + Inkwell rooms at the almighty Printworks.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone one who came and partied with us, creating such a wonderful memory at our biggest show to date. It really was something special.


“20 years ago my dad lent me a grand so I could start Critical, I just wanted to be involved in a scene that I loved so much. Fast forward to Saturday and the label invited some family and friends as well as 6000 ravers to celebrate our birthday. I never ever dreamed we would get this far.

I can’t quite process how incredible an event it was and it’s a day i’ll never forget. Having GQ bring my dad out on stage and the cheer the crowd gave him pushed me over the edge a bit so if you saw me with a tear in my eye remember drum and bass DJs have feelings too…

Been floating since then feeling proud, emotional, inspired and so many other positives right now
This show was nearly 4 years in the planning and I can’t thank everyone involved enough, to list you all would take a long time but you know who you are and I am eternally grateful.

An uncompromising line up of some of the finest DJs, vocalists and hosts in underground drum and bass.

PS I still haven’t paid my dad back”Kasra Critical

📸 – Sophie Harbinson

Up Next…

Be sure to check our next full scale 20 Year Shows at Manchester and Bristol in the coming months – full event listings & tickets for these are available via our Events page: https://criticalmusic.com/events/

Find our Official After-show Movie below:

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