Hailing from south west London, 24 year old Andy Khavand aka Shyun has been making waves throughout the drum & bass scene since piercing the ears of the Critical Music camp.

“I was totally absorbed by the infinite possibilities making electronic music had to offer.”

A classically trained musician since a young age it wasn’t until 2013 that Shyun really caught the drum & bass bug when he was introduced to the Critical sound and began to immerse himself in the music.

“Something that pulled me in pretty hard is the incredible attention to detail drum & bass can have from the high level production, to the drum work and all the musicality that can come with it.”

2017 was a significant year for Shyun releasing his acclaimed Systems 10 EP and his addition to the 15 Years Of Underground Sonics album that marked a huge milestone for Critical Music. His inclusion on Critical’s Modified Sonics LP would continue the charge into 2018.

Inspired by the likes of Halogenix, Noisia, Ivy lab and Perez, there’s no doubt that the burgeoning career of Shyun is one to keep an eye on.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s a liquid tune or a club tune, drum & bass just has that unique energy that no other genre can offer.” 

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